Darwin Kitchen Expert Design

From all the selection of materials, we can make your prefect benchtop unique, so you can better perform your tasks in the kitchen. Darwin Kitchen Renovations leads a team of designers who you can trust in making sure all details of the benchtop installations are carried out well. Plus, they can offer you the expert advice to make some adjustments along the process. Thus, if you desire to have a different material in the middle of the installation, we can gladly do that for you and more:

  • Natural Stone Benchtops

Nothing beats the beauty of stone that’s natural for each slab is unique. For one, marble is popular for among the cooks, because it’s the perfect surface for performing some of the most complicated culinary skills, such as rolling out pastry. On the other hand, granite benchtops feature a less porous surface, which makes them resistant to scratches and stains, and they come with a wide selection of colours and finishes.

  • Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops are made from solid length or pieces that have been stuck together, and its surface needs to be finished before using to prevent absorption. One big advantage of having timber benchtops is that you only need to have it-refinished in several years to make it look brand new.

  • Polished Concrete Tops

Polished concrete benchtops are made on the spot. To better support its weight, you may as well put additional subfloor structural work. This type of top has an amazing raw finish and a built-in heat system can be installed too. Keep in mind that this also needs to be sealed right before using. When it comes to its finishes and tints, such can change depending on what you want.

  • Laminated Benchtops

Laminated tops are friendly to the pockets, and they offer endless options for colours and finishes. Among the many choices for laminates are marble and stone-look that seem to really imitate the real thing.

  • Porcelain Benchtops

This type of benchtop is new, and so, porcelain is marketed quite well. This is composed of powdered clay and coloured pigments. This is held together with the help of very high temperatures. What’s also great about this is that it can be created with different textures, be it from polished to matte.

Kitchen Benchtop Design and Installation

Darwin Kitchen Renovations can easily make a simple benchtop into the most luxurious one. With us, it doesn’t really matter if you want to do a new build, renovation, or just some minor upgrades. As your benchtop experts, we can creat the most professional outputs for your residential or commercial property. Call us now!