Kitchen Cabinetry

Darwin kitchen renovation process

The kitchen is where the heart of the home – this is something that most people agree. It is the space where you grandma used to cook for you and teach you her dishes; it is where you stay late up night trying to finish your math homework with your mom; and most especially, it is where you get to share a meal with your family and catch up for the day. Thus, if you want to make your kitchen experience more worthwhile, then hiring a professional and experienced cabinet maker to help you design and build your kitchen is the best thing to do.

Our company is composed of a team of experienced and talented tradesmen who can design, plan, and manage all the components of the project.

Kitchen Cabinet Types

  • Open Shelving Cabinet

Even if this is not technically a cabinet style, open shelving features a unique characteristic for combining storage into your kitchen. This is more ideal if you have limited wall area. Open shelving demands a level of organisation and tidiness.  Putting up these above your stove or cooking range is a great idea, because you can place your kitchen tools and ingredients here.

  • Glass-Front Cabinet

This cabinet is mostly used with cabinet doors. With that, this type of cabinet puts up well for a beautiful yet functional part of your kitchen. Usually, this is also used as upper cabinets to feature your glassware, cookbooks or a collection of mugs and others. Also, this cabinet style can be lighted up.

  • Craftsman Cabinet

The Craftsman style is known for its straight lines, construction and little ornamentation. This type of cabinet is usually crafted from heavy woods like quarter-sawn oak, hickory, cherry or maple. Often than not, these are preserved in their natural wood state with a light coat of finish.

  • Country Cabinet

This type of cabinet is meant to radiate a timeless and cosy vibe. Just like a traditional cabinet, this has a raised-panel and other decorative features. Usually, wood is a common choice for this type of cabinet. It highlights colours such as bright yellow, blue green and pastel tones. You can also add some distressing flares to it for a more rustic look.

Your Kitchen Cabinet Experts

Having limited kitchen space means that you need to think of ways to maximise it, and having a kitchen cabinet is just what you need. Look no further, because Darwin Kitchen Renovations has got you covered, be it for cabinet design, installation and repairs. Having a well-built cabinet means that you can properly work through your kitchen without any risk of falling pans or utensils. Call us now!