Kitchen Design

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Kitchen design style is almost always controlled by your house’s current theme or look. However, you always have the upper hand in making sure that you like the design style for your kitchen. Nowadays, kitchen styles are dubbed as very open to changes. The most common and popular ones are the contemporary and the classic design styles.

Kitchen Design Styles

  • Traditional Design

A traditional kitchen serves as the perfect design style for a home that always brings together family and friends. Because of its clean and inviting look, it will never fail to amaze many guests. Usually, it is composed of panelled glass cabinets or latched icebox. Dominating on it are white and clean tiles that give it a crisp look.

  • French Country Design

When you opt for this design, get ready to be transported to a small hotel located in France that almost always screams of elegance and time-worn beauty. To complete the look, rich fabrics, heavy wood and ceramic accessories are what you need. If you can find copper pots and subdued tones of blue, then you are on the right track to pulling off the look.

  • Cottage Charm Design

This type of design is welcome for both small and large sized kitchen spaces. This is so, because the finishes of a cottage charm gives off a cosy and warm look. Also, this type of kitchen is perfect as a way to feature your works of art, vintage items, fragile figurines and the like. Make your everyday kitchen experience warmer and more inviting.

  • Country Farmhouse Design

Country farmhouse kitchens are open and enable you to fully take in the feeling of a weekend getaway within the comforts of your own home.  Accentuating with farmhouse tables and furniture-like cabinets make the look even more pulled off. With a good combination of finishes, you can have that nice, comfortable vibe. Red and earth tones are key colours for this type of kitchen style.

We Can Design and Redesign Your Kitchen

When you choose us, we will see to it that your kitchen is made to fit the style of your home, and we make sure to execute all projects well of varying sizes. On top of that, we can design and create classy kitchens, Mediterranean kitchens, French kitchens or any other design that you want.

If you get the services of our very own designer, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your space will be planned to even out the use of your kitchen space. Choosing us means you don’t have to worry about getting other tradesmen.